How to change the battery of your Xiaomi Aqara Temperature sensor

Aqara sensors are used in many home automation settings to measure the room temperature or to alert when windows or doors open, objects move, or water is leaking.

They are low cost, work with the ZigBee standard, and have a nice design. In my Home Assistant setup, I may be using about twenty of these little devices, especially the temperature sensors.

Money is not always the answer

However, one thing that drove me nuts for some time. I wasn’t able to change the battery.

Supposedly, it is very easy to do. On the back of the sensor, you have a little grove where you typically insert a coin and turn it a few degrees counter-clockwise.

However, the groove is hardly a millimeter deep, and the coin doesn’t get a grip and slips out.

Clearly, this is a case of bad design on an otherwise great product.

By accident, I found a work-around which I wanted to share with you as I hadn’t found anything on the internet.

How to change the Aqara sensor battery

On the back of the Aqara sensor is an adhesive tape circle which you can use to stick the sensor to a piece of furniture or whatever place you want to have the sensor.

I keep my sensors loose except for one which I had glued to an outside window. When I wanted to remove it, I accidentally turned it and opened the battery compartment.

So, here is what you have to do: Remove the adhesive cover and stick the sensor very gently on a plastic surface. Turn the case counter-clockwise, and the battery compartment will open. Voilà!

Change the battery and screw the case back together. Now remove the entire sensor again but slowly lifting it and put back the adhesive tape cover on the circle.

In my experience, it comes off relatively easy if you haven’t pushed it down too hard.

A little tip that can save you a lot of time and headache!

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