The Top 10 most popular digital picture frames my blog readers ordered on Amazon in the 2020 pre-holiday season

I often receive emails from folks worldwide, asking me for advice on how to choose the best digital picture frame.

Some have very specific ideas about what they want, while others are still trying to understand the main differences between the digital frames and what to pay attention to.

The Frame Finder

That was one of the reasons I launched the Digital Frame Finder this year.

The Frame Finder provides filtering options based on the crucial things that differentiate picture frames. And with a few clicks, you are usually down to a selection of three to five frames to pick from.

Most of these frames, I have tested personally and have written unbiased reviews.

Amazon statistics

However, I thought that it might also be of interest for many of you to know which picture frames the readers of this blog are actually buying.

As you know, my blog includes affiliate links. When you click on any link to check the price on Amazon, I receive a small commission from them if this turns into a purchase. It doesn’t cost you a penny, keeps my reviews absolutely unbiased, and helps support the site.

Using these Amazon links on my site is like saying “Thank you for your time you have dedicated to this blog” to me and is a wonderful token of appre­ci­a­tion and encour­age­ment to con­tin­ue this work.

Amazon provides (of course fully anonymous) statistics on the top-selling frames that readers of my blog have been ordering.

I wanted to share these statistics with you to help you look to gift a digital photo frame to a loved one or yourself!

The Top 10 digital picture frames my blog’s visitors ordered in the pre-holiday season 2020

And here they are without much further ado:

  1. Nixplay Smart Photo Frame 10.1 Inch WiFi (Read my review here | Check price)
  2. NIX Advance 10.1 Inch USB (Check price)
  3. NIX Advance 13.3 Inch USB (Check price)
  4. Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Picture Frame WiFi (Read my review here | Check price)
  5. Nixplay Smart Photo Frame 15.6 Inch WiFi (Read my review here | Check price)
  6. Nixplay Seed 10.1 Inch WiFi (Read my review here | Check price)
  7. Feelcare 11.6 Inch WiFi (Read my review here | Check price)
  8. Aura Carver 10.1 WiFi (Read my review here | Check price)
  9. Dragon Touch 10 Inch WiFi (Read my review here | Check price)
  10. Netgear Meural 15 Inch WiFi (Read my review here | Check price)

If you want an overview of the technical specs or other features, head over to my Digital Frame Finder.


I was a bit surprised by the dominance of Nixplay in my stats. But the company does make fine digital photo frames with excellent software. But the other brands also have their strengths when it comes to design (e.g., Aura Carver) or build quality (e.g., Netgear Meural).

Whichever digital frame you end up picking to put under the Christmas tree or for any other kind of celebration, your present will no doubt be remembered fondly.

And you can help to make it better all the time by supplying a steady stream of great photos!

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