Nimbus Polaris 42-inch Digital Art Frames

Nimbus frames are made for enjoying art on a much larger scale than previously available. And you can even create a mosaic of frames. Check my full review here.

Nimbus can offer their clients a million pieces of art that can be streamed to their Nimbus frames and enjoyed in the living room. Premium Art pieces and Collections are special artwork directly from artists or galleries. The collections are curated by the owning artist/gallery and change over time. The pricing is set by the artist. Purchasing Premium Art supports the individual artist.

Of course, you can also display your own images.

Very special about Nimbus offering is a mosaic feature whereby several frames can be combined into a most impressive wall ensemble.

Nimbus Website

(Photos: Nimbus Frames)


Nimbus Frames

Aspect Ratio


Display Size

42 inches



Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080 (HD)

Technical Features

Video Playback, WiFi

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