Nixplay Smart Photo Frame Touchscreen 10.1-inch WiFi

This is Nixplay’s first touchscreen photo frame. It comes with the excellent Nixplay software ecosystem, can play videos, and allows you to share images with friends & Family.

Check out my full review here.

This is the first Nixplay photo frame that comes with a touchscreen instead of the remote control. Everything else is as good as always from Nixplay including the app which allows you to share and control images of family & friends.

This means you can add images to remote frames or allow e.g. everyone in the family to add theirs to the family frame. Pretty convenient!

(Photos: Nixplay)



Works with

Amazon Alexa, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Assistant, Google Photos, Instagram

Technical Features

Mobile App (iOS, Android), Touch Screen, Video Playback, WiFi

Screen Resolution

1280 x 800

Display Size

10.1 inches

Aspect Ratio



Tabletop, Wall-mounted

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