The 100 best digital picture frames on amazon
The 100 best digital picture frames on amazon
The 100 best digital picture frames on amazon
The 100 best digital picture frames on amazon


Great new fea­tures for your dig­i­tal pic­ture frame with the updat­ed Pi3D Image View­er...

Pi3D, my favorite Raspberry Pi image viewer with perfect crossfades for digital photo frames just got even better thanks to a number of updated functions.

What to do when you get the warn­ing mes­sage "REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED"

After doing a fresh install and ssh'ing to your Raspberry Pi you encounter a message that your "REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED"? Fortunately, there is a simple solution.

Three ways to change your wifi pass­word and SSID on a head­less Rasp­berry Pi...

On a digital picture frame that has no keyboard or mouse attached and a monitor which displays only photos by default, it can be rather tricky to change the WiFi password or station name.

Voice con­trol your dig­i­tal pho­to frame with Ama­zon Echo, MQTT, and Node-RED

I will explain how to Alexa-voice control your digital picture frame using Node-RED and the MQTT protocol. It's the beginning of something great.

The best 3 image view­ers for your Rasp­berry Pi dig­i­tal pic­ture frame project

Three very different image viewers that you can choose for your digital picture frame project. Which one is right for you?

Check the Exif data of your images to pre­pare your pho­to frame for smart...

Did you ever wish you could eas­i­ly fil­ter the images on your dig­i­tal pic­ture frame based on the date? I will show you how to get ready for smart playlists based on Exif data.

How to cus­tomize your Rasp­berry Pi splash screen (Rasp­bian Stretch April 2019 Ver­sion)

Let's customize the boot-up screen like a painter signs his work at the end of his artistic journey. Updated for Raspbian Stretch April 2019.

The eas­i­est way to build a Rasp­berry Pi pic­ture frame: Stream­ing with the FRAMEN...

Here is a real treat for all fans of do-it-your­self Rasp­berry Pi pic­ture frames. You can now use the free iOS/Android App FRAMEN Pho­to.

How to remote­ly access your dig­i­tal pic­ture frame from any­where

How do you log into a digital picture frame that is not on the same network? You may need to do this one day to change a wifi password or to add a new feature on a remote photo frame. Here is how.

Voice con­trol your dig­i­tal pho­to frame with Ama­zon Echo and Home Assis­tant

If you have Amazon Alexa and want to use it to voice control your digital photo frame, here is how to do it using Home Assistant and Nabu Casa. It provides for great effects and is easy to set up.